Value Education Life Skills

In a constantly changing environment, developing life skills is essential to meet life’s challenges. At the-same time, an individual needs to have strong moral values. Values and life skills are taught in a child- friendly manner and are woven into the Curriculum. Regular workshops are held in the school which promote values and teach life skills to the children. The school also actively promotes awareness of Constitution and other secular values through various ways to provide scope for discussions, debates, values based play and issues.

Adolescence Education

Blossom School focus on age- appropriate life skills-based health/ safety education for all classes across different levels. The teachers are oriented and have school calendars along with allocated places for the conduct of such activities which are monitored by Coordinators of different levels regularly. Classroom practices encourage students to take responsibilities for their action and their behaviour.

Socio-Mental Well Being

Blossom School adopts a structured approach to ensure mental wellbeing of student through regular house activities and by support of parents and motivational speakers .It has a clear programme of wellness teachers identifying students who are experiencing difficulties by coordinating with their parents.

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