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17th August 2020
Dear parents
Greetings of the day!
We at Blossom School wish students are safe and healthy at their home only.
Pola is a festival respecting bulls and oxen which is celebrated by farmers. Pola is a thanksgiving festival of farmers and their families for their bull. To mark this festival Blossom School is organising best bull decoration competition for preprimary to 2nd-grade students where students need to wear traditional dress as per their choice and share decorated bull pics mentioning student full name and class latest by 19.08.2020 before 5 pm.
The top three best bull along with the traditional dress will be selected and will receive an E- certificate of participation as a token of winning appreciation.E-certificate to all participating students.
Blossom School
Bharatwada road
Nagpur Maharashtra.

25thAugust 2020

Dear Students,
How are you and all we all at Blossom School 🌺😊hope you all are safe🍏 and healthy 🍎at your home 🏠only and with full swing preparing for your Pre Mid- term examination and listening instructions given by your respective parents and your teachers.All the best for your examination 🖊️🖍️✒️🖥️💻😊🌺😊
After examination spend some time reading and gaining knowledge of today Children post .
Children tomorrow is the fifth day of celebrating Lord Ganesh. The theme for tomorrow’s celebration is Medicinal plants. Do you know that at least 21 different plants are used for the ‘Patri Puja’!

Why 21? It’s quite interesting!

· Our body is made of 5 tatva (elements) and 16 indriyaan (organs), hence this puja is a way of symbolically offering our whole self to Ganesh ji, thereby keeping our ego in check.

· 10 plants symbolize the dasavataras (10 avatars) of Lord Vishnu and 11 avatars of Lord Shiva.

Patri Puja is a great way of teaching the medicinal properties of the plants to our younger generation.
Enjoy reading which will improve your reading skills 😊
Till then Stay fit🍎and healthy 🍏
Blossom School
Bharatwada road
Nagpur Maharashtra

12th September 2020
Good morning dear Students
How are you and all 😊we all at Blossom School hope you all are safe 🍎and healthy 🍏at your home 🏘only? Children you all are already aware of September onwards we are sharing One day one subject video, ppt, assign assignment, or he by your respective subject teacher as you all are Blossom School ideal😊 students we all are sure you all are completing your task assign by your teacher daily in your📘🖊📝 CW subject notebook.
Children an ideal student is always disciplined and obedient. He obeys his parents, elders, and teachers.
He /she is disciplined in his day to day activities of life.
He always maintains😊 discipline whether in the family or educational institutions your school 🏢or society.
He should always accept responsibility, self-motivated.
Students always believe in life long learning, believe in yourself.👍
A Blossom School Ideal students respect and🎵🎧 listen to his /her parents,👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 teachers💁‍♀️
An ideal student 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫always takes an active part🙋‍♀️ in academic as well as in extracurricular activities of his school at the time of pandemic COVID too when there is a school-home collaboration of learning 💻📓📘🧮
Today at children post there is a lead story about South India first Kisan Rail, magical story, popular Grandma’s corner, semi-final news along with the cartoon.
After completing your today assign task and listening to videos lectures read children to post and improve your skills of knowledge 📘💡🖊📝
Till then stay🌱and healthy 🍎
Blossom School
Nagpur Maharashtra

21st August 2020

Dear students
How are you and all 😊we all at Blossom School wish you all are safe and healthy 🍎at your home only🌺😊

Today you all can enjoy Children Post reading and gain some knowledge, and improve your reading skills and try to answers some questions to improve your divergent thinking skills which is the need for 21st-century skills students.

Today’s news story is about something that some of you probably know about – Fortnite being removed from Apple App Store and Google play store. In today special news feature, understand the gaming industry and the details of this dispute. After reading everything, don’t forget to think and answer critical thinking question ❔

Till then stay fit and healthy
Blossom School
Bharatwada road
Nagpur, Maharashtra

26th August 2020
Dear Students
How are you and all😊 🌺😊we all at Blossom School hope you all are safe 🍏and healthy🍎 and attempting your pre-midterm examination daily?
Students your mind 🧠has a tendency to lose information. But if the mind🧠 is supposedly so powerful💪🧠, why does it forget? There is a simple principle of recollection and memory for the brain.
Students if the subjective information you’ve tried
and grasped, has no immediate use, it will be lost from the current memory.🧠 This does not mean students you will forget it completely but yes, ✅most of it. In fact students, the mind loses as much as 75% of the learnt matter within one day of studies. Thus as you, all are😊🌺 Blossom School super ideal, 👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️students, the solution for the above text is only that don’t take such long breaks in your studies, 💻📙try to implement as your habits of regular and daily studies, fix sometime.🕘
Students you study and then bury it away only to find a month later that most of it is lost. Using regular ⌛and daily Fast revision Techniques🎠 (FRT)can keep your memory 🧠at a constant level.

Remember always students the day you have learnt something, 👩‍💻revise it once a more same day, make sure you know it well, at the end of the week go through the same topic. Once again at the end of the month 👨‍💻👩‍💻revise it and keep doing it every month.
Students soon you all will develop an amazing memory.🧠
Today is the fifth day of Ganesh Utsav and we throw some light on the medicinal🌱 plants used in the puja🙏 and their benefits.
Do you know students👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️ Ganesha’s favourite food?
Modak is one of the favourite foods of Lord Ganesha.
Till then stay fit🍏🍇 and healthy🍅🥝🍎
Blossom school
Bharatwada road
Nagpur Maharashtra

26th September 2020
Dear students
Greeting of the day!
Hope you all are good🍏🍓🍒 and doing your assignment, 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫homework,👨‍💻👩‍💻 listening videos lectures daily👨‍🔬👩‍🔬
Students today link is a SURPRISE😊 for you and all as a token of sincere appreciation for listening instruction 🎉🎈✨🎊given by your respective Teachers and Parents 😊🌺😊
Today videos/photos of display of air power of IAF is rare to see👨‍🚀👩‍🚀. My dear students, it’s a combination of Mirage and MIGs just have a look 👀and show to your elder /younger brother and sister too.
The link for the videos are as follows:-




After experiencing 👁videos go through today children post🧒👧 and improve your reading, thinking and vocabulary skills which is the need of the 21st-century 👨‍💻👩‍💻 student and you all are Super Blossom School students 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫
Till then stay safe🍏 and🍎 healthy 🌱at your home 🏠only.
Blossom School
Bharatwada road
Nagpur Maharashtra

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